We offer Full Service solutions for a variety of industries ranging from Consumer, Medical, & B2B. We provide deeper insights with biometric methods.


Quantability believes in bridging the gap between psychology and market research. We apply neuroscience technologies and methodologies to provide more than just data counts. We uncover unconscious attitudes and motivations to get meaningful insights on issues and opportunities relevant to business success and growth.

Our proprietary panel is Canadian-centric with Global reach and we specialize in hard to reach audiences (i.e., students, millennials, ethnic segments, etc). We pride ourselves as community research specialists and we also manage audience acquisition and engagement activities for our clients.

Our data collection specialties include: primary and secondary research, quantitative and qualitative online studies, international and multilingual projects, behavioral observation, biometrics, on-site interviewing, product/concept testing, activation research, testing physical spaces (e.g., retail, restaurant audits, airports, museums), advertising and communication optimization, human-computer interaction, and user experience.

We utilize technologies such as eye tracking, EEG, fMRI, and other implicit measures (e.g., skin conductance and heart rate, etc.) to measure emotion and unconscious response.

Quantability arms their clients with a deeper understanding of their audience's emotions and thoughts, along with data-driven neuromarketing strategies.

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