Full-service market research agency, offering user-based customized qualitative and quantitative research to support effective business decisions.


Relevant Insights is a full-service research and consultancy agency. We execute customized qualitative & quantitative research that guides corporate marketers, advertising agencies, non-profits and trade organizations down the path of effective decision-making.

We focus on data that matter to our clients' business through well-thought research design so they can make smart decisions that move the needle.

Our expertise empowers clients to successfully:
* Discover new market opportunities
* Facilitate product & service innovation
* Develop winning strategies for customer retention & acquisition.

Our areas of expertise include:
- Brand Awareness & Usage, including brand positioning research
- Advertising Research
- Product Development Research including both products and service from concept testing to product testing to get it ready for launch
- Customer Experience Research including journey mapping, service blueprinting, and customer satisfaction studies
- Market Segmentation and customer profiling
- Pricing Research, often in connection with new product development and product portfolio optimization
- UX Research including qualitative and quantitative usability testing, personas research, tree tests, card sorting, contextual inquiries, usability expert reviews, etc.
- Advanced Analytics, including conjoint analysis, MaxDiff, TURF, multivariate analysis
- Hispanic Research

Our services include:
- Survey and discussion guide design for online, phone, in-person, and paper data collection modes
- Survey programming and hosting
- Sample procurement and recruitment
- Focus Groups /Interviews moderation including online bulletin boards, online, chat-based and in-person focus groups, in-depth one-on-one interviews, online diaries/journals, usability studies)
- Data analytics
- Analysis & Reporting

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