SENSANALYSIS a multi sensory research agency for FMCG and OTC products unlocking consumers' sensory emotions as the driver of enduring market success


SENSANALYSIS is a full-service research agency specializing in multi-sensorial consumer understanding by using proprietary processes to capture products' emotional appeal. While most research companies focus on what consumers watch and listen to, we focus on consumer’s feelings when smelling, tasting and touching something. We believe that only holistic products - when all the senses play perfectly together - can be successful. Thus, we use a holistic approach to assess products, concepts, packaging and claims with our ‘sensorial lens’ to define a holistic mix that appeal to all the senses. By uncovering the subconscious sensory emotion motivators, we enable our clients to create coherent products which consumers love and which have enduring market success. Thanks to our 30+ years of global experience in Product Testing and New Product Development we accumulated sensorial data in natural language and structured format from articulate consumers of FMCG and OTC products. This data is the foundation of our proprietary SENSORY EMOTION ALGORITHM applied to any qualitative or quantitative product & concept test facilitating a quick and affordable turnaround of insights in an almost machine-driven reporting system. As sensory emotions are the driver for market success we offer unique services by applying our ‘sensory emotion lens’ as often as we can: For R&D e.g. • Consumer prompted briefings • Sensorial Profiling for prototype selection • Ingredients exchange • Quantitative product tests For Marketing e.g. • Packaging or concept tests • Category understanding and new launch strategies • Market appraisals NEW Services: • Guided in-home product evaluations: a new era of sensory emotion product testing • Complementing Diagnosis tools to neuroscience and/or biometric consumer observations with necessary explanations and solutions. • Quantitative product tests with a sensory emotion layer generating actionable results Our Offices: Germany, US, India

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