Spectrum Discovery Center offers a unique resource with testing facilities tailored to your company’s needs.


The true test of your product is how it performs in actual use by its target audience. Sensory Spectrum offers a one-of-a-kind resource with multipurpose testing facilities customizable to your company’s specific sensory and consumer research needs. The 20,000 sq. ft. testing facility in New Jersey is designed to meet the qualitative and quantitative research needs of food, beverage, and ingredient companies. This includes focus groups, one-on-one interviews, Central Location Tests (CLTs), and Home Use Tests (HUTs).

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Facility Details

  • Location: Central NJ
  • Building Type: Office Building
  • Facility Features: Catering facilities, Client lounge, Onsite parking, Overhead projector, Recording - Digital, Recording - Video, Video-streaming, Wireless Internet
  • Travel time from airport: 20 mins
  • Travel time from downtown: 5 mins

Facility Rooms

Room types Dimensions Capacity Observation capacity
23X30 0 0
28X30 0 0
Client Lounge
15X10 0 0
Focus Group
14X21 0 0
Focus Group
17X21 0 0
32X20 0 0
Viewing Room
15X15 0 0
Viewing Room
15X12 0 0

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Telephone : (908) 376-7000

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Consumer Research Program Manager
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