Sylvestre & Co. is an award-winning, global research firm specializing in qualitative research.


Sylvestre & Co. is an award-winning, global research firm specializing in qualitative research. Using our empathy-building approaches, we pride ourselves in finding innovative ways of getting to the true heart of the consumer need; we SCOPE out the research need, we ENGAGE to build human scale connections, we CONTEXTUALIZE the research learning to ensure true comprehension.

In our pursuit of meaningful understanding, we keep culture and context at the heart of our methodologies:
**Collaborative Ideation - Our Kitchen Parties, Creation Workshops and Prototyping Stations allow consumers to interact with your ideas directly.
**Insight Boards - designed to dive deeper into whitespace to discover consumer-insight driven business opportunities.
**Corporate Diagnostics - gain insights from within your company to better inform corporate strategy.
**Semiotics - gain knowledge of the true meaning of symbols, words and images rated to your company.
**Segmentation Profiling - dive deeper that statistics to get a more holistic picture of your consumers on a human-scale.
**Journey Mapping - through consumer perceptions, we can identify touchpoints, pain points, delights and opportunities.
**Brand Building - designed to paint a vivid picture of your brand and competitive positioning.
**Consumer Journaling - follow day-to-day activities of your consumer to gain a deeper understanding and build empathy.
**Immersive Ethnographies - dig deep to see how your consumers live to create true empathy.
**Bulletin Board Focus Groups - asynchronous online discussion with consumers from the comfort of their home providing open and candid perceptions, attitudes and behaviour.
**Live Focus Groups - spontaneous comments and impressions in a group setting.
**Concept Refinement - find out what makes a winner "the" winner and what can be learned from what did not work.

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