I help business leaders in Market Research find a buyer for their business at the highest possible valuation and the best possible fit.


I do M&A advising for Online Market Research Companies. For the most important transaction of your life choose someone you can trust. I am a founder/CEO focused on helping my fellow founder/CEO' sell their businesses. I speak with all of the buyers in MR to understand what they are looking for. I know what deals look like from both sides after participating in acquisitions of $10M and $40M and exits of $110M, $260M and under $5M (FlexMinder). From these best practices I documented a 5-step process for maximizing the value of your business on an exit. Driving these valuations I grew their revenue from $1M to $55M (GMI) and $10M to $120M (Toluna) - both in less than five years. I am passionate about supporting the startup ecosystem in the PNW and in emerging countries. I am focused on helping companies find a buyer and successfully execute the process. If you are interested in learning more about how to find the right buyer, how much your company is worth or what you should factor in when deciding when to sell reach out to me directly!

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