rsg: focused on uncovering the unconscious and emotional drivers to understand behaviour. Advanced analytics, and the latest technology and platforms.


rsg is an insights agency focused on innovation, with offices in Toronto, Halifax, New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. Our focus is on the unconscious and the emotional, and implicit measures. EMOTIONAL AND RATIONAL MEASUREMENT: We approach research from both the emotional and the rational. Choice-based needs segmentation, discrete choice modelling, and brand equity, combined with the latest Bayesian statistical approaches get at the heart of what consumers think and feel. This leads to better results. Our team of senior consultants has deep expertise in ethnography, design research, and journey mapping. PREDICTIVE RESEARCH: Traditional market research asks a respondent what he or she would do. rsgCrowdIntelligence, our proprietary prediction market platform, turns that approach on its head by asking respondents to predict what the market will do. The science behind rsgCrowdIntelligence is based on “the wisdom of crowds” — the idea that a group of people, as a whole, is better at making predictions than any one single member of that group. PSYCHOANALYTICS: The key to understanding behaviour lies in the unconscious. rsgPsychoanalytics methods get to the heart of consumers’ beliefs and values — understanding this makes their actions highly predictable. We also offer a full suite of behavioural science approaches. Projects are always team-based, led by a senior consultant. A nimble team producing actionable insights and truly innovative solutions.

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