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B2B Research With Executives & Professionals

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Market research firms conducting research on products and services used by non-manufacturing professionals. Use business-to-business (B2B) research to study opinions, attitudes, and trends among white collar workers such as doctors, lawyers, academics, government workers, etc.

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Cint is the technology backbone of the world’s most successful insights companies. Cint’s platform automates sample fieldwork and operations so that

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USA Full-service one-stop shop for Global quantitative and qualitative fieldwork insights. Top 25 Global Research Firm, large in-house capabilities.

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Stage 4: How to Retain Your Profitable Customers Stage 4: How to Retain Your Profitable Customers

Customer Lifecycle, LLC

Retain, the final paper in the Acquire, Serve, Grow ,and Retain series, discusses how to retain the profitable customers your organization has created by following the steps outlined in the three preceding papers. We suggest that the best way to accomplish that is through a dual perspective — aligning the perceptions of employees with the requirements of customers.

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Onboarding for Success Onboarding for Success

Camille Nicita, Chief Operating Officer, Gongos Research

Camille discussed Gongos Research’s approach to onboarding at the 2011 CASRO Management Conference in Chicago.

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Effective B2B Messaging: Why the CPG model fails

Steven Yarnell, Paul Anderson, and Lesley Muir of Yarnell Inc.

When developing a marketing strategy for consumers, consumer packaged goods (CPG) firms generally concentrate on developing a unique selling proposition (USP) to convince one person, the buyer. In an organization however, multiple people may be involved in a "buy" decision. Here are some guidelines for creating your marketing strategy and its messages.

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ROI vs. Acquisition Costs

Steven Yarnell, Paul Anderson, and Lesley Muir of Yarnell Inc.

Businesses buy hardware, software, and services based on ROI, right? Not always. Sometimes selling a product based on a low acquisition cost can be a far superior pitch to a high ROI. Which is more important and when?

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Interview: Kathryn Korostoff, founder of Research Rockstar

Dana Stanley, President, The Operandi Group

Research Rockstar is an online training company that shares education on marketing research topics. This interview with the founder conducted by Dana Stanley shares insights on the most popular classes, including how to hire the right agency or which research method to use.

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