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International Market Research - Asia

IN EphMRA (International)

Providers of market research services centered on the Asian market (Japan, China, India, Indonesia). Locate a company to conduct international market research in or about Asia, Japan, China, India, Indonesia and the far east.

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PRS IN VIVO appoints Melvin Ng as Senior Director, Market Development in Asia


BVA Group Company, PRS IN VIVO, a global behavioral science, shopper and product experience consultancy, is pleased to announce Melvin Ng’s return to the company.

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Lightspeed GMI Expands Marketing Research Services


Lightspeed GMI recently expanded its Re-Track capabilities to the Asia-Pacific region. Initially launched across Europe, Re-Track is a methodical process to test, optimise and redesign tracking services to communicate with mobile audiences.

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SIS Grows APAC Team with Addition of Mandy Pan SIS Grows APAC Team with Addition of Mandy Pan

SIS International Research

SIS International Research is pleased to announce the appointment of Mandy Pan as Manager of Business Development in the Asia Pacific Region. The appointment is a response to the rapid development of SIS International’s business in China and reflects the company’s confidence in long-term market trends.

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