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Automated Platforms for Market Research

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Find and compare companies that provide software platforms for automated market research solutions.

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Canvs Surveys
Canvs Surveys

Canvs language processing automates the ability to analyze and understand consumer beliefs, emotions & sentiments through short form text analysis.

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Dapresy is a global provider of data analysis and visualization software for market research and customer experience management.

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We automate market research projects, offering access to advanced methodologies, live reporting, & interactive visualizations. Results in 3 - 5 days.

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Qualtrics is the world’s leading enterprise survey technology provider, making it easy to capture real-time customer, market and employee insights.

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Instantly learn WHY people do what they do and go beyond sentiment and key words to turn data into information for better decisions for your business

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We take pride in offering superior client service and QL/QT research expertise along the healthcare product lifecycle.

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