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Market research companies providing professional consulting expertise or technical advice pertaining to a specific business, audience or market. Find market research consultants.

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The Bloomfire Insights Platform helps teams curate and share their knowledge with the stakeholders who need it to make business decisions.

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Infotools is a software and services provider, with particular expertise in processing, analyzing, visualizing and sharing market research data.

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FlexMR Launch Line of Consultative Empowerment Services


Building on recent software developments, FlexMR have launched of a new line of consultative services, designed to empower research teams to educate, embed and promote the role of insights across departments.

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Gold Sponsor Civicom Speaks on HIPAA Compliance in Web-Enabled Marketing Research at IIeX Health in Philadelphia

Civicom Marketing Research Services

Civicom Marketing Research Services, a leading market research facilitator using telephone and web-enabled tools, was a gold sponsor and speaker at IIeX Health, a two-day event held on June 3-4 in Philadelphia. Rebecca West, Global Vice President of the Civicom Marketing Research Services Group, tackled HIPAA compliance in web-enabled marketing research.

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 Change Management: Breaking Bad (Habits that is)

Gongos, Inc.

Any organizational leader would agree that business model transformation demands innovation across multiple dimensions. Discover tips on how to successfully navigate the waters of change within your organization.

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LRW Expands into Consulting with Acquisition of Strativity Group


LRW, a leading global analytics and insights consultancy, announced today that it has completed the purchase of Strativity Group, an award-winning, global customer experience and culture design firm.

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A Little Attention Eliminates Fraud

iResearch Services Pvt. Ltd.

A little attention at the right time aids in eliminating fraud by establishing complete control and that is the true secret for the success of a business.

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