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Market research companies providing professional ethnic market research expertise about people who share a common language, culture, traits or characteristics. Find a firm to conduct ethnographic research guided by expert market research consultants.

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Afro Punk - The Newest Emerging African American Identity Afro Punk - The Newest Emerging African American Identity

Glenn Weissman, VP Business Development & Marketing, Ebony Systems

As American marketers, we love to segment populations, and assign definitions and labels to reflect those segments. Segmentation enables us to drill down identities to a minute and finite level in order to tailor marketing initiatives to micro levels in the hope of increasing response, enabling conversions and motivating people to take a particular action.

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When Psychology and Ethnicity Meet

Karen Landmann, Landmann Consulting

Much has been written about the advantages to taking a psychological approach to qualitative market research. As well, there are many companies out there who specialize in “ethnic” market research. But what happens when the two intersect?

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