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Market research companies providing professional marketing expertise in helping companies identify, develop and produce products and services based on specific consumer needs. Identify providers of marketing and marketing effectiveness research consultants.

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Decision Point
Decision Point

Make confident decisions with Decision Point - experienced researchers and marketers specializing in ethnographies, advanced analytics and marketing.

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Gen2 Advisors
Gen2 Advisors

Gen2 Advisors constantly scan and track ways to manage insights, keep up with new tools and technology, and predict impact to the insights function.

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Visual IQ
Visual IQ

Our Marketing Intelligence Platform consolidates people-based insights with multi-touch attribution in a single user interface.

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Engagious is a customer insights consultancy that fuses research, science, and storytelling to craft and refine high-stakes communications.

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Gongos, Inc.

In many organizations, great work is underway by both analytics and market research teams. However, these teams frequently operate independently, and do not inform the work of one another. Learn how one healthcare organization pushed the boundaries by linking hard and soft data to solve its acquisition marketing challenges.

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Tonic Launches Q-Club Tonic Launches Q-Club

Tonic Insight

Tonic has solidified the way it works with its clients and research participants in the form of Q-Club; a collaborative way of working that places ongoing and long-term human connections at its core.

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This special two-part recording will bring you up to speed on the current trends in market research, what’s driving change, and how suppliers and clients are adapting. A panel of experts discusses the results and implications of the 15th edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report.

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10 Need-to-Knows to Find Good Customer Targets in the Digital Age 10 Need-to-Knows to Find Good Customer Targets in the Digital Age

Copernicus Marketing Consulting and Research

In addition to revenue measures, there are other characteristics that make one customer more valuable than another because they’re easier to get and keep, as well as engage as co-marketers. Here are 10 need-to-knows about current and prospective customers that will clearly and definitively guide marketers to good customer targets in the digital age.

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