Companies that offer market research services related to consumers. Review and compare vendors able to conduct a research project associated with non-professional, personal, non-industrial, home-related, or non-business customers.

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Toluna is the only insights provider uniquely designed to empower today’s on-demand economy.

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YouGov is a global market research and data company and is considered a pioneer of online market research.

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W5 on Consumer Journeys


Interest in consumer journey research has increased rapidly in recent years among those seeking to understand the complex purchase process in today’s digital world. From connecting on social media to online shopping, consumers are experiencing increased opportunities to interact with brands. The world of brick-and-mortar shopping has not disappeared, but is increasingly integrated with online shopping experiences. Investigation of the consumer journey is crucial for brands seeking to identify critical points in the purchase process influencing consumer decision making.

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Gongos, Inc.

The very notion of the “customer” is so deeply limiting that it calls for a broader lens by which to gain understanding. Learn about Gongos’ Human Decision-Making Framework to comprehend the rational, emotional and physical dimensions of consumer-based decisions.

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