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Ethnography - Observational Research

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Market research providers of ethnographic research / observational research. Select a company that uses this qualitative methodology, where the researcher observes consumer actions and behaviors associated with everyday life. This method is designed to provide information about how specific products or specific services are used or purchased.

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W5 conducts full-service marketing research and research strategy services for Fortune 500s and leading advertising agencies.

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W5 on Ethnography


Consumer ethnography interprets daily life rituals such as cooking, communicating, working, and shopping to uncover the motivations and meanings of those behaviors. Ethnographic research delves beneath self-reported attitudes, behaviors, and motivations to understand environmental, social, cultural, and psychological influences on consumers. Ultimately, ethnography creates an interpretive framework for understanding the consumer by determining what internal (emotional, rational) and external (social, cultural, environmental) influences affect perception and motivate behavior. Once uncovered, these insights can be translated into actionable recommendations for marketing, messaging strategy, and product design.

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W5 Thought Piece - Video Ethnography


Traditional market research reporting can be one-dimensional, limited to presenting study findings as text, numbers, graphs, and charts, often failing to communicate the heart of consumer experience. Video Ethnography is an additional, powerful tool that makes “flat” messages more multi-dimensional and brings research subjects to life. Video Ethnography is akin to documentary storytelling as it enhances observational understanding with its nuances of tone, gaze, and energetic investment. It’s more than audio, visual imaging, or words?video is all of these, presented simultaneously in a visual narrative.

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What is digital ethnography? What is digital ethnography?

Angelfish Fieldwork

Being able to observe people in their natural environments gives a much truer picture than simply asking them to fill out an questionnaire.

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How Virtual Reality Will Change Market Research How Virtual Reality Will Change Market Research

InterQ Research LLC

Brands are getting incredibly creative with virtual reality technology, and it’s only a matter of time before this technology becomes accessible and affordable to the masses. Which makes us pretty happy as market researchers. Here’s why

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Six reasons to embrace experience innovation Six reasons to embrace experience innovation

Leap Research & Innovation

Experience innovation’s key attraction lies in its ability to pioneer paradigms and to uncover inventive ways to attract and satisfy customers. It’s also developmental in nature, which means that it points to the creation of new features, unique benefits, fresh processes and original formats.

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Why Inspiration Matters Why Inspiration Matters

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Inspiration gives you a new lens of focus, allowing you to isolate insights that are striking and compelling. Inspiration isn’t easy, and it isn’t automatic. Here are some tips for fostering inspiration.

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