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Focus Group Recruiting

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Market research firms that specialize in using specific methods to identify and qualify potential participants for a focus group study. Find a company offering focus group recruiting.

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Online versus In-Person Focus Groups Online versus In-Person Focus Groups

InterQ Research LLC

With digital methods, we’re able to replicate – as best we can – in-person conversations and sessions through online formats that may include webcam focus groups and mobile data capture. If you’re trying to understand which method is preferable – online or in-person focus groups – here is a quick pro and con list of each method.

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Great focus groups: Part 1: Steps to take before the session

Gary Frieden, Ph.D.

How can we best understand the psychology of focus groups and how can we utilize this knowledge to make the sessions more insightful? Interestingly, more than what happens during the focus group can affect the focus group experience. The recruitment process can set the stage for how respondents begin thinking about the group experience.

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Great focus groups: Part 2: Inside the conference room

Gary Frieden, Ph.D.

This article of the series deals with how the psychology of the focus group is affected by what occurs during the focus group and how certain factors impact the overall insights.

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How Tesla Uses Focus Groups to Create Amazing Cars How Tesla Uses Focus Groups to Create Amazing Cars

InterQ Research LLC

A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article discussed the much-anticipated release of the Model X, but the article’s actual main point was about Tesla’s big bet with the Model X: Courting women drivers.

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