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Generation X

IN ohio

Companies that provide market research services related to people born between 1965 & 1977. This demographic group is often called Generation X.

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The Tour of Utah and Mobile Survey Technology

Dan Williams, Paul Johnson, Laura Haber, Opinionology

Implementing mobile survey technology during a major event provides a new response channel utilized by younger generations. It helps separate effects of immediacy from measurable spectator sentiment, and track the effectiveness of sponsorships.

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Selling Life Insurance to the Under-30 Crowd Selling Life Insurance to the Under-30 Crowd

Dan Gersten, Chadwick Martin Bailey, Inc.

Life Insurance: The investment product that protects more than just one's money. This article shares insights from a study of 1,500 U.S. consumers on insurance.

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The Millennial Generation: Pro-Social and Empowered to Change the World

AMP Agency; Cone Inc.

A collaboration between Cone Inc and AMP brought together two unique and valuable perspectives to create the compelling and significant Millennial Cause Study. The goal of the study was to better understand how Millennials view cause and companies that support causes. We found that when a cause message is linked to a brand in an authentic and today's most relevant way, it can gain the attention and respect of young people today.

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Insights Into the Changing US Consumer Market Insights Into the Changing US Consumer Market

SIS International Research

This presentation from SIS International Research covers insights and stats on key United States demographics: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and Hispanic culture. It also delivers changing U.S. shopping patterns and retail distribution patterns.

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