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Interviewing - Executive & Professional Audiences

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Market research companies specializing in interviewing executive and professional audiences. Find a firm with expertise in conducting interviews with business executives (e.g. CEOs of large corporations) and professionals (e.g. lawyers, architects).

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Get the Most From Your Employee Research Get the Most From Your Employee Research

DataStar, Inc.

Successful companies often share a strong commitment to ongoing efforts to measure employee engagement and satisfaction. In this article, we discuss some ways to boost participation rates and ensure the success of your employee survey programs.

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Using Market Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence To Add Value To Your Business Using Market Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence To Add Value To Your Business

Matthew Harrison, Julia Cupman, B2B International

The internet supplies an enormous multitude of information - but not necessarily the most useful. Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence are ways of gathering information that is highly valuable to buisnesses. This white paper defines the terms and describes the information provided by each.

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Why Measurement Alone Will Not Lead to Better Marketing

Karl Gustafson; Rich Schreuer, Senior VP, Chadwick Martin Bailey, Inc.

A study of 400 c-level professionals was conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey to determine how companies are tracking marketing performance. The organizations that measure and manage effectively have common success factors; read this article for practices that will improve your marketing-performance initiatives.

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Interview: Technology Adoption Among Market Researchers Globally

Dana Stanley, President, The Operandi Group

This is a video interview from the CASRO Technology Conference based on a study of 200 research companies worldwide. The study covered technology trends and providers and the explosion of online qualitative research. Dana Stanley of The Operandi Group interviews Tim Macer from meaning ltd. and Patrick Molloy from Confirmit.

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The Global Talent Crunch The Global Talent Crunch

Ruth Stanat, President, SIS International Research

A company's longterm talent management should incorporate several key elements into the recruiting, training and positioning process. Examples include Generation Y encouragement, finding employees' corporate culture niche, and enabling technology-based automation of discrete talent functions. Ruth Stanat covers ways of ensuring an efficient talent management system.

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Small-Midsize Business Communications: Hidden Costs Small-Midsize Business Communications: Hidden Costs

SIS International Research

The following white paper outlines the findings of a study sponsored by Siemens Communications and prepared by SIS International Research. It discusses and quantifies the hidden cost of communications barriers and latency that small and medium sized business in 8 different countries, across 8 different verticals, and up to 400 employees experience in their daily business activities.

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The Marketing Performance Advantage The Marketing Performance Advantage

Rich Schreuer, SVP, Chadwick Martin Bailey, Inc.; CMG Partners

Measuring marketing performance generates interest but is still in its infancy. This survey of 400 companies measured the state of marketing performance, how it is implemented, and its impact. Chadwick Martin Bailey, Inc. shares insights procured from the findings.

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