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Market Research to Maintain Existing Customers

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Beliefs and Behaviors: Will the Real Barrier to Customer Centricity Please Stand Up?

Gongos, Inc.

For organizations to close the gap between understanding their customers and executing against that knowledge, customer centricity must be translated from an industry buzzword to a tangible strategy. Forward-leaning organizations acknowledge that articulating a customer-centric vision is merely the tip of the iceberg.

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Behaviors and (Re)-Shaping a Customer-Centric Culture

Gongos, Inc.

Learn how internal barriers such as silos and weak communication channels foster behaviors that detract from a customer-centric culture. Organizations committed to a customer-centric vision create a clear path forward, cultivating their culture by tapping into the rational and emotional belief systems of their employees.

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Gongos, Inc.

The idea of putting the customer first has been with us for decades, but how many companies truly live up to this? High-performing organizations know that to transform customer-centricity from a buzz-word to a strategy, they must leverage the three C’s to grow their decision intelligence.

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What is Customer Journey Mapping? What is Customer Journey Mapping?

InterQ Research LLC

Customer journey mapping (also known as simply journey mapping or path to purchase studies), is actually an incredibly powerful tool. It’s certainly not new, though it has been given new wings, thanks to some clever branding around the name.

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