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Mature & Seniors

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Companies that offer market research services related to seniors. Review and compare vendors able to conduct a research project with the elderly / seniors / retirees.

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GMO Research
GMO Research

GMO Research is a leading technology company providing a research solution platform provider that specializes in servicing your needs in APAC.

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YouGov is a global provider of analysis and data generated by consumer panels in 43 markets.

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i-on-Women Study Reveals Only 9 Percent of Women Feel Marketers are Marketing Effectively to HER i-on-Women Study Reveals Only 9 Percent of Women Feel Marketers are Marketing Effectively to HER

Insights in Marketing

A new study by Insights in Marketing, LLC's i-on-Women team reveals that marketers are failing to connect with female consumers. Only 9 percent of women feel like marketers are marketing effectively to HER. Considering that women control more than 80 percent of purchases across a range of categories, marketers are missing a valuable opportunity.

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Research with Boomers and Seniors: 3 things you need to know Research with Boomers and Seniors: 3 things you need to know

Doyle Research: A Division of 2020 Research

With ever-increasing longevity, Baby Boomer and Senior populations continue to grow at an incredible pace. Their careers are lasting longer, they are more active than ever before, and enjoy more disposable income than their predecessors. As you think through your strategy for including Boomers and Seniors in qualitative research, there are a few considerations to ensure you get the most out of your engagement with these groups.

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Comparison of Mobile Online, Landline, Cell Phone, & Online Access Panel

David Johnson, Director of Project Analytics, Discovery Research Group

The landline, cell phone, and online access panel are well known and frequently used channel modes for data collection. In this research report, online access panel users were found to be more like landline respondents than cell phone or mobile online respondents. Learn more in this white paper from Discovery Research Group.

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The Tour of Utah and Mobile Survey Technology

Dan Williams, Paul Johnson, Laura Haber, Opinionology

Implementing mobile survey technology during a major event provides a new response channel utilized by younger generations. It helps separate effects of immediacy from measurable spectator sentiment, and track the effectiveness of sponsorships.

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Insights Into the Changing US Consumer Market Insights Into the Changing US Consumer Market

SIS International Research

This presentation from SIS International Research covers insights and stats on key United States demographics: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and Hispanic culture. It also delivers changing U.S. shopping patterns and retail distribution patterns.

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