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Mystery Shopping


Market research companies that observe customer service and sales staff behavior and techniques in a service or retail location. Locate a firm that sends unidentified researchers to pose as shoppers and evaluate employee performance, customer service quality, etc.

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Netquest’s consumer-panel and behavioral data-collection provides genuine data and integrated information about consumers in 23+ countries globally.

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Mystery Shopping: How to Avoid A Catastrophe

David Lithwick

Is your Mystery Shopping program keeping you up at night? We’re not talking about fixable mistakes or miscalculations, but a real foul up in your study that cannot be undone. To get that 8 hours sleep and wake up refreshed 10 guidelines (e.g. setting sample size, screening shopper profiles, ensuring accuracy, planning for contingency shops), based on 30 years of mystery shopping are outlined.

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Mystery Shop Deliverables & Value for Dollars Spent

David Lithwick

No doubt, your stakeholders will be looking for hard numbers from your mystery shop study to roll into their business plan. A key deliverable, from your shop findings will be to quantify how revenues are being impacted by your reps’ sales delivery (or lack thereof).

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Customer Onboarding: 10 Best Practices

David Lithwick

Successful onboarding translates into customers internalizing your value proposition, bringing you more of their business and becoming loyal, long term fans. Ensuring new customers have a memorable and seamless entry into your organization is essential.

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