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Indeemo’s Mobile Ethnography App & Online Qualitative Research Platform makes it easy to capture authentic, in-context, in-the-moment behaviours.

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SoapBoxSample Announces the Launch of Customer Boardroom


SoapBoxSample announced the official launch of their new research product – Customer Boardroom (CBR). As an alternative to traditional online bulletin boards, digital ethnographies, in-depth interviews and customer advisory boards, CBR was built with the philosophy that qualitative research platforms should always enhance and never disrupt the flow of conversation.

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Great focus groups: Part 1: Steps to take before the session

Gary Frieden, Ph.D.

How can we best understand the psychology of focus groups and how can we utilize this knowledge to make the sessions more insightful? Interestingly, more than what happens during the focus group can affect the focus group experience. The recruitment process can set the stage for how respondents begin thinking about the group experience.

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Great focus groups: Part 2: Inside the conference room

Gary Frieden, Ph.D.

This article of the series deals with how the psychology of the focus group is affected by what occurs during the focus group and how certain factors impact the overall insights.

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Frieden Qualitative Services Frieden Qualitative Services

Frieden Qualitative Services

Gary Frieden, Ph.D. has conducted thousands of Focus Groups - online focus groups via webcams, telephone focus groups and IDIs, and video streaming for remote viewing.

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Cross-Tab Wins ‘Best-in-Biz” International Award

Cross-Tab Marketing Services

The Cross-Tab Group, one of the world’s leading market research and analytics providers has been recognized with an international award for ‘Most innovative product version of the year’ for the ctOSTM Livewire platform.

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