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Online Focus Groups & Interviews - Moderators

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Moderators (facilitators) of online focus groups and interviews. Search firms and market research professionals that conduct, manage, and analyze online/virtual focus group sessions, bulletin boards and one-on-one interviews. The moderator leads participants through a pre-arranged discussion guide by stimulating participation and guiding the discussion.

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Great focus groups: Part 1: Steps to take before the session

Gary Frieden, Ph.D.

How can we best understand the psychology of focus groups and how can we utilize this knowledge to make the sessions more insightful? Interestingly, more than what happens during the focus group can affect the focus group experience. The recruitment process can set the stage for how respondents begin thinking about the group experience.

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Great focus groups: Part 2: Inside the conference room

Gary Frieden, Ph.D.

This article of the series deals with how the psychology of the focus group is affected by what occurs during the focus group and how certain factors impact the overall insights.

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Frieden Qualitative Services Frieden Qualitative Services

Frieden Qualitative Services

Gary Frieden, Ph.D. has conducted thousands of Focus Groups - online focus groups via webcams, telephone focus groups and IDIs, and video streaming for remote viewing.

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Qualitative Analytics Qualitative Analytics

Jerry W. Thomas, Decision Analyst

Much has been written about how to conduct qualitative research (that is, the techniques of moderating and interviewing), but comparatively little has been published about the far more important task of analysis and reporting. The purpose of this primer is to share some basic ideas on how to achieve the greatest learning and the most profound insights from qualitative research.

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Online Marketing Research - Chasing Technology Online Marketing Research - Chasing Technology

Jennifer Dale, President & CEO, InsideHeads

Online qualitative research methodologies today mimic the way the population is already comfortable communicating. Choosing which methodology is best will depend on what you’re testing, where the participants are located, timing and budget.

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Tips for Effective Online Research Design Tips for Effective Online Research Design

Stephen Cribbett, Dub

How to optimise research design for the online research community or ad-hoc online qual project. These rules make for an effective online research design and, in turn, result in better response and happier participants.

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Interview: Online Qualitative With Jim Longo of iTracks

Dana Stanley, President, The Operandi Group

This video interview covers the transition to online qualitative research including initial concerns and discovered advantages. Jim Longo of iTracks details specific ways research companies approach the online space.

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Diary of an Online Focus Group Diary of an Online Focus Group

Jennifer Dale, InsideHeads

Making online focus groups happen does not require magical talents. Skilled QRCs already have the tricks they need to conduct successful qualitative research studies online. Take a look inside the diary of one online focus group project and learn how you can apply what you already know.

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