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Panel Surveys - Telephone

Market research providers of panel surveys by telephone. Select a company that offers telephone interviews among a panel of respondents about either the same or different topics.

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Sample Answers
Sample Answers

Sample Answers is the premier provider for all types of International Telephone Samples, RDD, Niche Consumer and B2B. Specializing in Latin America.

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SSI ( is the premier global provider of data solutions and technology for consumer and B2B survey research.

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Market Research Firm ReconMR Makes Strides in Reaching All Consumers Market Research Firm ReconMR Makes Strides in Reaching All Consumers


ReconMR recently conducted a self-funded study on an important issue for many market researchers, the declining response rates to consumer surveys. Our study explores and measures the efficiency of three distinct telephone samples - Enhanced Cell Phone, Random Digit Dialing (RDD) Cell Phone, and Landline.

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Taking the Longitudinal Way: A Look at Qualitative Panels

Belkist E. Padilla, Gloria Cantens-Purchon, and John Holcombe, Insights Marketing Group

Longitudinal qualitative panels are instrumental in observing changes in consumer behavior when affected by life changes. Group sessions over time encourage participants to be more open and insightful and provide the ability to cross-reference answers. Insights Marketing Group, Inc. details longitudinal qualitative panels and their possible benefits in market research.

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