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Psychological Research / Motivational Research

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Market research firms providing psychological and motivational research. Locate a company that offers research intended to explain specific behaviors and attitudes.

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W uncover deep human insights and build powerful brand strategies around them for some of the world's most iconic global brands.

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Design Thinking Isn’t B.S. (But the Way We Think About It Is)

Gongos, Inc.

Design thinking might be considered linear, but it doesn’t have to be a straightjacket. Empathy doesn’t give consumers the power to dictate design. Learn how design thinking is less about diluting great design, and more about empowering great choices.

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When Psychology and Ethnicity Meet

Karen Landmann, Landmann Consulting

Much has been written about the advantages to taking a psychological approach to qualitative market research. As well, there are many companies out there who specialize in “ethnic” market research. But what happens when the two intersect?

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Selling the Sizzle: The Importance of Managing Expectations Selling the Sizzle: The Importance of Managing Expectations

Stephen H.Turner, President, Fieldwork

A major difference between usability in the sense of functionality and usability in the sense of creating things that are used has a lot to do with people’s expectations. Expectations affect usability in three ways: ambiguous expectations lead to non-use, expectations affect a consumer's experience of a product, and products that deliver on expectations will be more satisfying.

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