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Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

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Find companies that conduct social media research. Social media research is the use of social media platforms and networks to either actively or passively gather consumer information or comments for analysis and insight generation.

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Maru Group acquires social listening software Lissted


Maru Group announced its acquisition of Lissted, the cutting-edge social listening software. The integration of the software into Maru is the latest in a number of significant developments for the Group and will enhance its capabilities, enabling it to remain at the forefront of digital insights.

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Online Research: What is Social Media Listening? Online Research: What is Social Media Listening?

InterQ Research LLC

Here at InterQ, we have our own social media listening team, headed by Kate Minkner. Joanna Jones, our Director of Research, recently sat down with Kate and asked her to enlighten us on exactly how this social media listening online research process works.

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[Webinar] The Multi-Channel Data Era [Webinar] The Multi-Channel Data Era

Insight Innovation

Join our panel of experts for a discussion on how organizations are addressing the emerging need to interact with consumers on their terms using a variety of data sources, tools and techniques to collect data.

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Friendly Captivity and Customer Intelligence Friendly Captivity and Customer Intelligence

Robert Higginson, Discovery Research Group

I attended a conference in San Francisco earlier this month, titled “The Future of Customer Intelligence.” We need to begin a journey of “knowing more about what we do not know”. One place to start the journey is to begin paying attention to social conversations.

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