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Market research software for web interviewing systems. Compare and select software packages that match your specific needs.

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Toluna is the only insights provider uniquely designed to empower today’s on-demand economy.

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The only customer insights software company that can bring you close enough to your customer to have a full understanding of how they think, feel, and

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Civicom Marketing Research Services

Leading marketing research service providers Schlesinger Group and Civicom have joined together to create a strategic alliance between their businesses to enhance their combined ability to deliver web-enabled qualitative services to the marketing research community. The alliance will focus primarily on Civicom facilitating web-enabled in-depth interviews (IDIs) and focus groups and Schlesinger Group providing recruiting services.

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Civicom's Front Row™ Civicom's Front Row™

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Civicom’s Front Row™ – Market Researchers Now Have the Best Seat in the House.

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