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Online Focus Groups - Web Broadcasting & Streaming Video

IN MRS (United Kingdom)

Market research providers of online focus groups conducted through web broadcasting and streaming video. Locate a company offering live online transmission of focus groups, interviews, meetings and presentations from a facility to observers watching it on a computer.

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The only customer insights software company that can bring you close enough to your customer to have a full understanding of how they think, feel, and

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CCam™ focus and L&E Research Partner to Provide HD 360° Focus Groups with Integrated Video Curation Tools for In-Facility Market Research

Civicom Marketing Research Services

CCam™ focus, a global provider of portable streaming media and video recording solutions for live, in-person focus groups, has entered into a partnership with L&E Research, a provider of qualitative market research recruiting and focus group facilities.

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Schlesinger Group and Civicom Marketing Research Services Announce Strategic Alliance

Civicom Marketing Research Services

Leading marketing research service providers Schlesinger Group and Civicom have joined together to create a strategic alliance between their businesses to enhance their combined ability to deliver web-enabled qualitative services to the marketing research community. The alliance will focus primarily on Civicom facilitating web-enabled in-depth interviews (IDIs) and focus groups and Schlesinger Group providing recruiting services.

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Come Swim in the New Waters of Qualitative Come Swim in the New Waters of Qualitative

Curtis Kaisner & Karen Lindley

Consumers are rapidly embracing technology in every facet of their lives. As a researcher, whether you consider yourself a traditionalist or technologist – no one is immune to admitting that the waters around us have grown. It is time to work in tandem to provide a new lens for which to see consumers.

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The Mobile Future of Market Research The Mobile Future of Market Research

cluetec GmbH

Mobile market research is not a single-track path. The mobile world is where the "digital natives" who have grown up with the Internet and mobile phones, feel at home. This is reason enough for a complete industry to focus on the opportunities for mobile market research.

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The Virtues of Virtual Focus Groups The Virtues of Virtual Focus Groups

Tonya Jiles, Gongos Research

Webcam technology allows us to preserve that face-to-face connection with consumers. “Virtual” focus groups enable us to capture the spirit and energy of traditional focus groups without the traditional limitations.

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