5 New Year Resolutions Every Market Researcher Should Make

Here the 5 new year resolutions every market researcher should make to bring success in the year ahead.

It’s that time of the year when you look back and analyse and at the same time look forward to plan, refocus and revive your market research policies. The speculation about the emerging trends in market research has already begun in the market research world. Many market research companies aiming to bring a positive change in the market research techniques and approaches have carried on massive research for the same purpose.

The findings of the micro and macro research carried out by these visionary companies will act as a guiding light not only for all large as well as small market research companies but also even for the market research industry as a whole. Here the 5 new year resolutions every market researcher should make to bring success in the year ahead.

1. Keeping Consumers Engaged

Consumer is the “king” today. With the world becoming a single market entity, the boundaries of countries are shrinking between old marketing techniques and online marketing tools. But this is not the end as the same social media tools and online marketing techniques can be effectively used to encourage and keep the consumers engaged. Those market researchers  that effectively use these social media techniques and online tools will see success in the coming year.

2. Effective Use of Consumer Data for Attaining Success

The effective and engaging use of data and analytics is the key to success for any market research company that wants to be progressive in the coming year of 2016. Only those companies that are able to value data effectively than their counterparts by acquiring, managing and putting the data in to proper use can hope to see results that are more actionable. The trend of outsourcing the data to successful business analytics outsourcing companies will continue even in the year ahead.

3. Digital Supremacy

The overbearing influence of the internet and its associated technologies such as mobile in every aspect of the business sphere and consumer life has practically changed each and every industry including Market Research Industry. The web designs enabled technologies have been solely responsible for various innovations in the field of market research and will continue to hold supremacy in the coming year.

4. Use of Technology not restricted Only to Marketing but for Understanding Consumer Grievances and Issues

Marketing being the golden key to understand consumers, all technology that reaches consumers will be effectively involved with marketing as it constantly works to improvise on customer relationship even after the sales takes place by providing after sales services and operations. In many growing companies, marketing has set the ball rolling in sales and revenue departments by setting up strategies and road maps by adopting technology in marketing.

5. Adoption of Innovative Technologies

To keep pace with the cutthroat competition, many marketers have already joined the existing list of companies in deploying innovative technologies such as use of artificial intelligence for the purpose of marketing or atomized content detection or implementation of virtual aide for marketing purpose.

Only such organizations that are open for innovation and change can hope to survive without perishing and it is not too late to adopt change even for a traditional marketing agency as they rightly say “Better late than never”.

iResearch Services looks forward to share with you a whole new way of looking at research in coming days. Until then, we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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