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[Webinar] A New Methodology for Integrating Quantitative Applied Neuroscience and Cognitive Research

View the webinar recording by HCD Research and Interactive Video Productions to discover a new methodology for combining quantitative applied neuroscience and cognitive research.

Traditional marketing research tools often fail to fully capture a subject's complete response to media. However, using both biometric and traditional research tools, it is possible to identify both how subjects say they feel about a media experience and what aspects of the stimuli may have caused them to respond as they did. By combining a cognitive survey based media research tool with applied neuroscience, both the conscious and non-conscious response to media concepts are revealed.

This free webinar, sponsored by Interactive Video Productions, HCD Research and Shimmer, will introduce a new methodology for integrating applied neuroscience and traditional methods for media research.

View the recording.  You will:

  • Get a baseline overview of applied neuroscience
  • Learn how to integrate cognitive and applied neuroscience methods to identify the optimal media concepts experience
  • Learn how to conduct quantitative biometrics


Geoff Gill
Shimmer, Americas

Geoff Gill is the President of Shimmer, Americas, where he is a member of the global management team with particular focus on business and product strategy for the consumer neuroscience and medical markets.

Prior to Shimmer, Geoff performed a wide variety of roles at Innerscope Research, Inc., a leading consumer neuroscience company, most recently as CFO/SVP of Operations.  At Innerscope, he was responsible for managing all client delivery operations including fieldwork, analysis, and project management. 

Other experience includes VP of R&D for Bayer Diagnostics Critical Care division and Global Market Manager at Weidmann Electrical Technology.  Geoff has a AB in Applied Math and Physics from Harvard University and an MS in Management of Technology from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Bob Granito
Interactive Video Productions

Bob Granito has over twenty five years of experience providing technology support within the market research industry and is the founder of Interactive Video Productions. Working in Citibank’s Development Division Lab in the late 1980s, Bob was responsible for integrating video and computer technology with marketing research, reinventing the way Citibank market researchers observed and evaluated usability testing. As IVP President for almost twenty years, Bob has guided Interactive Video into an industry leader, providing usability, eye tracking and neuromarketing technology across the United States, Europe and Canada. Bob has built a large network of research facility partners and a client list that includes some of the industry’s largest research consulting firms as well as companies like Apple, Disney, Bank of America and AT&T.

Allison Gutkowski
Director, Communication and Sensory Applications 
HCD Research

As director of communication and sensory applications for HCD Research, Allison works hand in hand with the sales, project management and analytics team. She is responsible for new business development as well as account and project management. Ms. Gutkowski is a principal presenter of Applied Consumer Neuroscience for HCD Research and travels the country facilitating educational discussions. Allison has been a guest lecturer at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, The College of New Jersey and Rutgers University.

Prior to joining HCD, Allison presented her academic research to the National Conference for Undergraduate Research in the fields of consumer behavior and marketing.

Ms. Gutkowski earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from The College of New Jersey. 














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