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[WEBINAR] Converging & Diverging: The Wildly Dynamic World of Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural marketers need fresh understanding in the face of a rapidly changing American consumer profile. Join us as we challenge key assumptions about multicultural marketing and research to help your brand succeed in this dynamic.

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Multicultural marketing, in concert with the U.S. consumer market, is undergoing significant changes. Marketers, and their research partners, must navigate these shifts to better understand when and how to appeal to Hispanics, African Americans and Asian Americans -- sometimes on the basis of their ethnic identity with ethnic specific approaches and other times addressing a broader base of consumers but with ethnic sensibilities.

Often called the “Total Market”, companies are shifting their marketing organizations, their budgets and their strategies to try and crack this code (switching). We’ survey the nuanced market dynamics that underlie these shifts, discuss frameworks for understanding key distinctions on ethnicity and how these paradigms apply to brand strategy.

In an environment of rapidly changing social norms, researchers must keep up with the new face of the market and the challenges facing marketing strategists. Learn about the evolving research tools and techniques you can apply to identify, measure, and track brand relevance in context of changing consumer norms.

View the webinar recording for a review of evolving research techniques that provide insight beyond simple consideration of ethnic group membership and is relevant for the total market in an increasingly multicultural society.

Learn how companies are reacting to these shifts. We share real life examples from market leaders of advertising, packaging, use of spokespeople and more. 

You will: 

• Ground yourself in the facts about America’s evolving ethnic makeup and review the impact on marketers and researchers today.

 • Explore a framework for understanding the fluid and context driven role of ethnic identity in purchase decisions. 

• Identify measurement approaches to understand the cultural drivers of brand choice on the basis of values, emotional and less conscious influences. 


Stephen Palacios
Vice President, General Manager and Multicultural Practice Leader

A pioneer and expert in multicultural marketing, Stephen Palacios leads LRW’s multicultural practice. Stephen helps clients with important issues of culture, the new majority, and branding. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has been featured in publications including the Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, Harvard Business Review and AdAge, and has been featured on ABC’s Nightline and PBS’s Latino market documentary, Brown is the New Green. Palacios holds a B.A. from Saint Joseph's University (PA) and an M.A. from American University. 


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