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[Webinar] Mosaic: Integrate Marketing Segmentation with Research Now’s Panel Data to Fuel Customer Intelligence

Join Experian and Research Now on August 24, 2017 at 12 PM ET to learn about effectively integrating data to uncover deeper audience insights and execute marketing strategy and execution with confidence.

          In the digital era, data-driven insights are critical to making better-informed decisions about advertising planning and execution. Marketing strategies must constantly evolve to reach the right audience with the right messaging. But with so much data spread across so many channels, the challenge marketers face is extracting meaningful insights from disparate sources.

           By appending Experian’s Mosaic® USA consumer lifestyle segmentation solution to Research Now’s rigorous panel comprised of 11+ million for targeting and/or analysis, marketers can gain the data-backed insights needed to anticipate the behavior, attitudes, and preferences of their most profitable customers to reach them in the most effective channels with the best messages.

          In this presentation, Experian and Research Now will demonstrate how marketers can leverage Mosaic® USA data appends for more powerful and efficient targeting and detailed analysis for improved strategy and execution.

Register now for this webinar. You will specifically learn:

  • How can you leverage third-party data and panel data to identify what your ideal audience looks like and what’s important to them?

  • How does Mosaic unify disparate action data streams for actionable intelligence?

  • How can Mosaic be used for prospecting/targeting?


 Darrin Keller

 Director, Product Management for Research Now  





          Darrin Keller serves as a Director of Product Management at Research Now where he focuses on Integrated Data solutions. Darrin has been in product management for 10+ years in a variety of industries including retail, technology, and travel. After founding a company providing global sales incentive programs for clients like Cisco Systems, he went on to get his MBA from the University of Utah. When Darrin isn’t exercising his passion for big data, he is likely to be found riding his mountain bike. 


   Mindy Pankoke

   Data Product Manager for Experian Targeting





           Mindy Pankoke is a Data Product Manager for Experian Targeting where she oversees the development and implementation of multiple consumer data products, including Mosaic® USA. She identifies and creates new marketing data solutions designed to help marketers better understand, engage and meet the needs of consumers. Pankoke also serves as a researcher and spokesperson regarding how marketers can leverage consumer data to reach their target audiences. 

          Joining Experian in 2015, Pankoke brings experiences across multiple industries, including business, healthcare research and education.

          Pankoke holds a Bachelor of Science in business, management and marketing as well as a Masters of Arts in education from the University of Lincoln-Nebraska.











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