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[Webinar] The Power of Real-Time Consumer Insights A Mobile Case Study

View the webinar recording by Prodege MR and Voxpopme on to learn about leveraging mobile technology to gain real-time consumer insights.

Mobile technology is changing everything – from marketing and advertising methods to shopper journeys to social interactions. Nearly four-in-ten Millennials (39 percent) say they interact more with their smartphones than they do with their significant others, parents, friends, children or co-workers, according to BofA Research. Furthermore, nearly half of Millennials say they “couldn’t live without” their smartphone, according to the Pew Research Center.

For the market research industry, the implications are clear: To gain a fuller picture of consumer insights, we must adopt methodologies that take a “mobile first” approach to connect with target audiences in the way they engage on a daily basis. If not, we risk losing relevance and accuracy in reaching critical business decisions.

Traditional research approaches typically rely upon recall from visits “in the last 30 days” to garner feedback on in-store experiences. This approach is fraught with inaccuracies due to natural memory loss, degradation of vividness of the customer experience and lack of validation through location-based mobile technologies.

In this presentation, ProdegeMR and Voxpopme will share the structure and results of a real-time mobile survey methodology that offers retailers valuable in-store customer experience insights impacting key retail metrics. We utilized ProdegeMR’s highly responsive mobile panel, incorporating polygonal geofencing technology and dwell time techniques for significant reduction in false positives versus traditional approaches.

Utilizing Voxpopme’s video technology as a seamless component of the survey, you capture valuable information on the shopping experience. Using other tools such as identifying dominant themes, word cloud data visualization techniques and shopper sentiment coding, this methodology added a depth and richness to the insights.

Register for the webinar now. You will:

  • See first-hand how mobile in-store research coupled with respondent video ethnographies can garner vivid, validated qualitative feedback on the customer experience
  • Learn about cutting edge technologies already in existence that incorporate in-the-moment approaches, and how they’ll help you to remain relevant
  • Experience why a “mobile first” mindset is crucial


Adam Portner, VP Client Solutions - ProdegeMR

Adam brings over twenty years of consumer insights and market research industry experience across Sales, Client Services, and Panel Management functions. Prior to joining ProdegeMR, Adam served as Senior Vice President of Client Development at Research Now where he oversaw Sales across Market Research Agencies and Corporate clients. Previously, he led the Service Bureau, Sample Services, and Proprietary Panels businesses at MarketTools (acquired by MetrixLab). While at Information Resources, Adam held responsibilities in Client Services, Sales, and Consulting functions. Adam has an MBA from Boston University, and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Dave Carruthers, CEO & Founder - Voxpopme

Dave is an entrepreneur with a proven track record in developing high-growth technology businesses.

With over ten years’ experience in developing technology businesses, Dave has a unique understanding of the market from both a technical and commercial perspective. By immersing himself in all things digital he has been able to offer innovative solutions to a range of new industries.

This is evident in his achievements, none more so than at Voxpopme, his current venture. Here, Dave’s thoughtful approach to video research saw him look beyond the traditional challenges of cost and location boundaries. Instead, he leveraged the power of technology to make video a fast, scalable solution for researchers globally.














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