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[Webinar] How to Grow a Research and Insights Culture from the Ground Up

See how DraftKings created an org-wide research culture.

How do you ensure that all members of your organization are armed with the actionable insights they need to make informed business decisions?

That’s the question DraftKings asked themselves when they committed to making customer research and insights central to their organization. As they experienced rapid growth in their fantasy sports platform, DraftKings realized they needed to build a research culture that would allow them to move quickly with product development and remain truly customer-centric. As their research teams set out to build a culture of curiosity, one of the biggest challenges they faced was determining how to seamlessly communicate their results across their organization and give employees in all departments a full picture of the customer.

This challenge certainly isn’t unique to DraftKings. According to research from PwC, about 55% of companies today are still operating with siloed information, with each department making its own decisions rather than considering decisions at a company-wide level. And when information remains siloed, companies miss out on opportunities to innovate and deliver true wins to their customers.

Join Sarah Drury, User Researcher at DraftKings, in a conversation with Bloomfire Senior Client Success Manager, Marcus Torres about how DraftKings has successfully integrated their research into major business decisions— and how their research team’s actionable, real-time feedback is allowing for agile product development.

Register todayDuring this webinar, you will learn:

  • How DraftKings built an agile research team— and how you can increase your own research team’s agility
  • How to make the value of your research clear by demonstrating quick wins
  • How to formalize a customer feedback loop and share insights across your organization



  Sarah Drury, User Researcher, DraftKings

Sarah Drury is a Product & UX Researcher at DraftKings. She works in collaboration with the design, product management, and analytics teams to create one of the most widely used Daily Fantasy Sports products in America. Prior to DraftKings, Sarah spent time as a design researcher at Philips Lighting, helping to define the future of the Internet of Things. She first honed her research skills as an undergraduate research assistant in McGill University’s Cognitive Science department.

  Marcus Torres, Senior Client Success Manager, Bloomfire

Mr. Torres will be moderating the webinar.


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