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[Webinar Recording] Differentiating Among DIY Platforms: What to Look for in a Self-Serve Research Provider

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Join Julie Reina, Senior Vice President of Client Engagement at 1Q, to learn how this no-nonsense customer engagement platform lives up to the marketing hype where so many other DIY research platforms fall short. 1Q delivers the most in-demand features and prioritizes the participant experience to ensure clients receive the highest-quality data.

Over the past several years, brands have been under incredible pressure to make informed business decisions more quickly. In response to this, many DIY research platforms have launched to fulfill this need for rapid consumer feedback. In fact, there are now a dizzying number of platforms available, and sorting through them to find the best option can be exhausting. In some cases, features are over-hyped, which makes it even more difficult to understand what you can actually expect from a particular service. Is “real-time” just a synonym for “pretty fast”? Just how “advanced” are the targeting options?
To avoid this kind of confusion, 1Q was designed with radical simplicity in mind. We deliver advanced features, such as real-time reporting and geolocation targeting, exactly as we describe—all through our amazingly easy-to-use interface.

During this presentation, we’ll discuss which features and attributes to look for when choosing a self-serve research provider—and showcase how we deliver on them by providing an in-depth look at the 1Q experience.

View the recording. We will demonstrate:

  • That “real-time” truly means real-time. Live results allow you to have immediate, insightful data at your fingertips in order to make key decisions quickly.
  • Our sophisticated targeting options, including geolocation capabilities. You can target respondents based on where they live, where they are right now, where they were, or where they will be.
  • How easy it is to reach your target audience every time, follow-up with participants as often as you like, and even create a custom community
  • How 1Q employs multiple strategies to ensure the highest-quality data, including elevating the participant experience and vetting participants thoroughly to avoid bots, duplicate IPs, and professional survey-takers.
  • That DIY can also include professional consultation when you need it.


     Julie Reina, SVP, Client Engagement, 1Q

When looking for someone to speak about evolving, stepping out of the box and exploring new avenues, Julie would be at the fore front as she thrives on a challenge. Such challenges have led her to acquiring and managing programs for some of the world’s most known brands. With over 20 years of experience managing the full range of the innovation spectrum, Julie is dedicated to helping brands achieve success with their go-to-market strategies. Throughout her career Julie has demonstrated her hardcore work-ethic, perseverance to get the job done the right way and integrity; and is a known trusted advisor.








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