[Webinar Recording] The Market Research Industry in 5 Years: Four Things You Can Do Now to Get Ahead of the Game

Listen to the recording to uncover 4 things you can do right now to unlock new value from your insights program and future-proof for the exciting years ahead.

Take a trip to 2023 and explore the market research industry of the future. We cover research automation, data visualization, the convergence of big data, and the death of panels as we currently know them.

Register today to uncover the four things you can do today to prepare for this brave new world of consumer insights.

  • See how some of the largest global brands are reigniting their brand tracking with beautiful dashboards that cater to multiple stakeholders.
  • Learn how to unlock new insight through the combination of survey responses with path to purchase data at the respondent level.
  • Create a new data asset for our organization from your online sample spend with the creation of your company's own sub-panel that connects to other areas of your business.
  • See how new data assets can be used to create a seed for a predictive model used to improve the targeting of your programmatic media buying.



  Luke O'Brien, EVP, Managing Director United States, Pureprofile

Luke works closely with some of the largest global brands and agencies to reignite their insights program with technology. With experience spanning programmatic media, digital publishing, product development, and big data, Luke is a master of connecting the dots to unlock new value for clients from their existing budget.

A serial evangelist of Pureprofile’s new model of panel, Luke continues his crusade to turn ‘panelists’ and ‘data points’ back into people within the hearts and minds of the research industry.


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Pureprofile helps market researchers to build an asset out of insights data, generate quality insights and maximize their sample budget.

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