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[Webinar Recording] 2018 3Q4Q GRIT Report Review

View the recording for a review of findings for the 2018 3Q4Q GRIT report.

  • The webinar is presented by GreenBook

We will be reviewing the latest edition of the GRIT report based on data collected in Q3-Q4 of 2018.

The report explores a variety of topics including adoption of emerging methods, the drivers of supplier selection, investment priorities for researchers, buzz topics such as automation and AI, and more.

View the recording today. You will discover:

  • What’s the deal with neurometrics?
  • How 46% of professionals think Data Science is the most important skill in the industry
  • How tech-enabled tools will help address revenue declines
  • The rise of webcam-based interviews
  • Why DIY tools are more threatening to suppliers than automation
  • The next generation of leaders (GRIT Future List)

Come check out this insightful and actionable strategic planning tool that will help you adapt and thrive to an ever-changing industry. Enjoy!




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