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[Webinar Recording] How an Agile Brand Tracker Helped Founders Brewing Co. Inform Its Future Brand Strategy

Learn how Founders Brewing Co. used an agile brand health tracker to drive purchase and loyalty in an increasingly competitive climate.

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As speed and efficiency have become table stakes, traditional research methodologies have become more agile, allowing for flexibility throughout the development process—from strategic exploratory down to tracking.

Founders Brewing Co. is a growing brand in the increasingly competitive craft beer category. To continue to gain share and become a leader in the craft beer space, Founders needed a deeper understanding of the category dynamics and what drives loyalty among consumers to guide future growth and brand strategy. 

View the recording to learn:
  • How Founders Brewing Co. leveraged an agile brand health tracker to enable it to drive purchase and loyalty and align around its future brand strategy 
  • How brand trackers can be used to inform your brand’s marketing and product strategy
  • Why you should expect more than just speed from your agile partners


    Tecla Di Francesco, Client Services Manager, GutCheck


    Sandy Anaokar, VP of Marketing, Founders Brewing Co.








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