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[Webinar Recording] How the Trend of "Sleep Quality" is Impacting Various Categories in Unexpected Ways.

Learn how sleep might be creating new opportunities for your business.

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 Learn how the trend of improving sleep quality is seeping into consumer consciousness in ways that many organizations don't fully comprehend. This webinar will highlight and quantify the impact of this trend on industries like beauty, packaged food, consumer electronics, and even personal finance.                

View the recording. You will leave with a deeper knowledge of: 

  • The influence of colliding cultures, and how it can affect and impact trends in another
  • The value of applying big data and AI to anthropology
  • The power of trends over a multitude of marketplaces, and the value in getting ahead of trend


  Ujwal Arkalgud, CEO,

Ujwal is an award-winning cultural anthropologist, author, and entrepreneur. He is a pioneer in the study of consumer beliefs and culture on the internet. His work in this area spanning over a decade led to the creation of the big data ethnographic method which today powers his company's technology, MotivBase. Ujwal is also an adviser and investor to a handful of B2B startups and serves on the board of the Center for Food Integrity in the United States. This second book, titled microcultures, is slated for a January 2020 release.













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