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[Webinar Recording] How to Use Social Network Data to Find Truly Representative Participants

Learn how to find better participants using social data.

Recent GRIT Report’s reveal that access to quality and representative sample is the ‘single biggest challenge’ facing researchers, with a decline in quality and falling participation rates. ‘39% of researchers surveyed expect sample quality to worsen over the next three years’ and ‘fewer than a third of sample providers expect panel quality to get better’! Trust in participant quality within the research industry is at an all-time low.  

Even if we aren’t completely comfortable with it, we now realize that social networks know a great deal about us. Research shows they actually know more about us than our best friends and family. Brands routinely use these networks to reach their audience - how can the research industry do the same to find representative participants?

Behavioral Recruitment connects to the unparalleled behavioral data on social networks, such as Facebook, to hyper-target people based on what they’ve actually done rather than what they say they’ve done. This helps researchers find authentic, representative participants who are typically fresh to research. In this webinar we’ll also discuss how the issues of habitual responding, implicit memory and motivations influence repeat respondents.

Hugh will share what he’s learned from using this approach to recruit thousands of participants, in 70 countries, for qual, quant, online and face-to-face projects. There will be a detailed explanation of how the method works - combining the targeting functionality of social networks with screening. The webinar will include practical case studies with Google, Kantar TNS and CrowdLab. 

View the recording if you’re interested in finding out how social network’s behavioral data can be used to tackle the systemic issues with traditional recruitment methods this webinar will help you:

  • Discover the full scope of Behavioral Recruitment hyper-targeting based on genuine behavior, interests & demographics
  • Learn from practical case studies with Google, Kantar TNS & CrowdLab


  Hugh Carling, Co-founder, Liveminds 

Hugh Carling is a Co-founder of Liveminds and the creator of Behavioral Recruitment. Hugh has worked in the research industry for more than a decade, helping researchers in leading agencies to embrace new digital methods. He’s now focused on rebuilding the foundation of all research - the participants. Hugh is a regular speaker at conferences such as IIeX, ESOMAR and The Quirk’s Event.


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