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What if you could expose potential pitfalls in your advertising before launch, understand the brand impact of your creative, or optimize ad performance to maximize your ROI?

At Sentient, we've developed an advanced advertising testing platform, Subtext™, that leverages the power of automated, behavioral science based research technology to reveal the true, implicit impact of your advertising at all stages of the creative process.

Join us as we share meta-learnings from years of scientific research into the emotional drivers of consumer decision making. We’ve analyzed hundreds of ads and will reveal critical insights that show how brands can avoid failures and improve ad performance.

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  • Exposure to new actionable insights that improve ad effectiveness
  • Uncover key principles for maximizing the effectiveness of your ad using science, not surveys
  • Learn how trusted behavioral science can save your brand from costly mistakes


  Aaron Reid, PhD, Founder & CEO, Sentient Decision Science, Inc.

A published expert in how emotion influences choice, Dr. Reid’s mathematical models of human decision making are the new standard for forecasting the success of new product launches, ad virality, and marketing communication impact.

Dr. Reid founded Sentient to make the visionary advances from the behavioral sciences practical for business. In pursuit of that vision, Sentient has created globally scaled, cutting-edge technologies that capture the automatic, emotional response to stimuli. Sentient Prime® Implicit Research Technology has won awards for business impact, has been translated into 40+ languages, and has measured over 200 million consumer subconscious associations in the past 2 years alone.

Aaron frequently presents his research worldwide, and teaches subconscious research methods and his course on Emotion and Rationality at top U.S. Colleges and Universities.



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