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[Webinar Recording] Preparing for The Coming Data Privacy Storm: How A Compliance-focused Personal Data Network Can Help You

How your organization can get ready for new Data Privacy legislation requirements!

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A recent post by Howard Fienberg, VP of Advocacy of the Insights Association brought the looming challenges for anyone who utilizes consumer data, especially in the insights and analytics industry, into stark terms:

“A study from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) “estimates that if Congress were to pass legislation that mirrors many of the key provisions in the GDPR or the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), it could cost the U.S. economy approximately $122 billion, or $483 per U.S. adult, per year, which is more than 50 percent of what Americans spend on their electric bills each year. …. ITIF evaluated “two types of costs associated with a federal data privacy law: compliance costs and market inefficiencies." For example, a stringent federal law was estimated to cost $18 billion a year in compliance costs and about "$104 billion in market inefficiencies, which would be borne out in increased costs, decreased productivity (for both organizations and consumers), and decreased innovation." The costs on both ends would be dramatically higher if the law doesn’t preempt state and local laws.”

Based on the provisions in all current and pending legislation, a new solution that guarantees compliance and creates efficiencies in the transparent and permissioned use of consumer data is necessary for all key stake holders in the personal data ecosystem: Data Producers (consumers), Data Collectors (any company that collects data across all markets and techniques) and Data Buyers (any company that pays for access to consumers and their data for any purpose). Veriglif is a startup that has been incubating for the past year and has been purpose built to address these concerns and create a scalable solution that mitigates compliance risk and unlocks more opportunities for data usage.

In this webinar you’ll learn how your organization can prepare for the coming Data Privacy storm and not just weather it, but prosper in a rapidly changing environment. 

Watch the recording  We will discuss:

  • How you can ensure complete legislation compliance by transparent, traceable and permissioned consumer data usage.
  • Why a connected data network can unlock greater efficiencies and power new use cases for augmented data.
  • What your organization can do today to help ensure the personal data economy thrives and drives more value for all stakeholders.


  James Wilson, CEO, Veriglif

James has co-founded many technology start-ups including Securenet (an automated alarm monitoring and home automation platform), Sampleworx (a market research sample provider) and Stonegate (a Blockchain mining optimisation platform).

James has lead the technology platforms at Potentiate that have won awards both in Australia and around the globe. He is a Co-Founder and CEO of Verglif.

  Leonard Murphy, Executive Editor & Producer, GreenBook

As the CEO of several successful companies, Leonard has over 20 years of high visibility leadership roles in the market research industry.

In 2010 he leveraged that experience into helping to build the world’s leading platform for content and marketing support for the research industry as Executive Editor & Producer of GreenBook.

As Senior Partner of GreenBook’s “sister” consulting company Gen2 Advisors, he consults with many of the largest buyer-side companies in the world, a large cross section of the supplier community, and advises many early-stage technology companies. He is also a Co-Founder and Board Director at Veriglif.

  Rolfe Swinton, Director -Data Assets, GfK

Rolfe Swinton is an entrepreneur, business strategist and innovator.  Rolfe is the Director, Data Assets at GfK.  Rolfe has founded and served as CEO for a number of pioneering companies in the insight and technology industries including RealityMine and Lumi Mobile.   Rolfe has long sought to ensure the businesses he is involved with treat consumer data ethically and are protected to the highest standards.  Rolfe has also served as adjunct professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at INSEAD.  Mr. Swinton has a B.A. from Yale University, an M.Phil from Cambridge, and an MBA from INSEAD. 
















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