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[Webinar Recording] Understanding the Modern Mother

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  • The webinar is presented by GreenBook

Mothers have always been a key target audience for marketers, but the modern mother spans a variety of different demographics and lifestyles, calling for a deeper understanding of what drives their consumer choices.

In this webinar, we will take an in-depth look at the defining characteristics of three different categories of mothers:

  1. Mothers To-Be

  2. Millennial New Mothers

  3. Gen X New Mothers

We will be exploring everything from their world-views, to their media consumption and digital engagement. So tune in to find out how they choose to engage with social media and what motivates them to use it. We’ll also map out which touchpoints have the most impact along their path to purchase, and in which ways they prefer to interact with brands.

Register today. We will

  • Identify how world views differ between different 'types' of mothers.

  • Explore which touchpoints are key to mothers along their paths to purchase and how this affects their spending habits.

  • Explore which kinds of media mothers consume the most, and how this shapes their relationships with brands.


  Chase Buckle, Senior Trends Analyst, GlobalWebIndex

Chase Buckle is Senior Trends Analyst at GlobalWebIndex, an audience profiling company that runs the world’s largest ongoing study on the digital consumer in order to quantify the perceptions and behaviors of every connected consumer in the world.

Chase oversees GlobalWebIndex’s Trends team, who produce the company’s off-the-shelf reports and infographics, as well as their Chart of the Day and webinar series.

Before beginning his career in digital consumer insights, he gained a MPhil in the Social Sciences from the University of Cambridge.


  James de Lacey, Head of Consumer Products, GlobalWebIndex

James de Lacey is Head of Consumer Products at GlobalWebIndex. With a career spanning 20 years in insight and marketing, he's worked client-side and in consulting roles supporting brand owners in developing strategies that deliver tangible insight-led solutions. He's now focused on helping clients realize their full potential, based on a clear understanding of their audiences, and using this intelligence to identify the right marketing strategy and turning it into action.





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