[MR Newsletter] What Facebook's Instagram Acquisition Means for Market Research

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May 2, 2012

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Linking Insights to Marketing Strategy! A Client Perspective
By Neal Cole
Client-side researchers are being asked to justify the value of research insights and explain what decisions have been driven by research. To ensure insights are linked to strategy and decision making, the client-side researcher should integrate Action Planning into the research process.

What Facebook's Instagram Acquisition Means for MR
By Allan Fromen
The future belongs to those who can figure out how to accurately measure digital, mobile and social, in addition to the traditional media. The companies that come out with breakthrough methodologies and brand frameworks suitable for the times we are living in will reap the benefits.

Biasing Your Research by the Act of Doing Research
By Ron Sellers
Longitudinal studies can influence how people respond to your questions simply by the fact that you have researched them before. Ron Sellers writes about the inherent dangers of bias in longitudinal research, raising questions about panels and communities as well.

Why Recall Must Die: Capturing the Point of Emotion
By Andrew Jeavons
Most market researchers give little or no thought to their reliance on recall, and in so doing they fail to challenge themselves to better understand respondents. Read this excellent summation of how technology and neuropsychology are combining to revolutionize the process as well as the promise of market research.

Let's Start Treating Survey Respondents as People
By Ben Leet
People have a life outside of taking online surveys and the industry is losing sight of this, maybe because there is no telephone or face-to-face contact with the respondent, argues Ben Leet. As online panel providers refer to people as "assets", "sources", "panelists", or "traffic", he's calling on the industry to re-focus.

The CEO Series: Waleed Al-Atraqchi of Affinnova
By Leonard Murphy
The CEO of Affinova explains how a company specialized in optimizing innovation takes their own medicine, what it takes to reconcile great discipline with being nimble, and how a smart human capital strategy can make a whole lot of a difference.


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Market Research NEWS | April 19 to May 2, 2012

From research-live.com

Vision Critical adds survey app to HootSuite

SurveyMonkey survey tool to get self-service sample

Kantar invests $1.2m in auto data specialist Enprecis

Op4G taps Kinesis for desktop, mobile and tablet survey tool

Web users open to cookie opt-in requests – survey

WPP posts 1.3% like-for-like increase in consumer insight revenue

BuzzBack partners for webcam eye-tracking

IBM continues analytics acquisition spree with Vivisimo

Consensus Point intros prediction market software for research

Marketing spend up as business confidence rises



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