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September 21, 2011

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GRIT Sneak Peek: The Top Emerging Market Research Techniques
By Leonard Murphy
Analysis and preparation for publishing the latest iteration of the GRIT report is just about complete. As usual, I am so excited about the great findings in the study that I just can't wait to share them with all of my colleagues in the industry, so here is another sneak peek at what we found out.

The Illusion and Reality of Research
Interview with Richard Wiseman, Psychologist & Magician
Before Richard Wiseman became a psychologist, he was a magician, and he remains fascinated by illusion. He thinks that the idea that people can accurately report or predict their own behavior is just as much an illusion as when a magician makes us believe we saw something we didn't.

Social Media Research Guidelines: Regulatory Preempt or Potential Handicap?
By Marc Dresner
In case you haven't heard, market research has entered the age of "Big Data." This revelation manifested itself in the efforts of key market research industry trade organizations to wrap standards around the collection, analysis and use of data sourced from social media. Are we at risk of regulating ourselves into irrelevance?

Moments of Truth: The Kickoff Meeting
By Alan Zorfas
We would never suggest that a marketer kicking off the annual planning process knows "diddly squat" about their consumers' motivations. (Well, I guess we did it in our cartoon.) But remember, it's just meant for us to collectively peek into our own marketing experiences…and laugh!

What Should Research Leaders Do? Lead! A Sea Change is Coming
By Ian Lewis
Cambiar recently unveiled findings from "The Cambiar Future of Research Study". The study looked out to 2020 and heard from 160 corporate researchers who have a wide range of experience, level and industry backgrounds. What did we learn? What should corporate research leaders do?

Why aren't game companies gamifying their research?
By Jason Anderson
Creating compelling game experiences (and by corollary, creating compelling gamified research) requires more than just the mechanics of a game. After all, we've all played something that just wasn't fun. And if it's not fun, what was the point of gamifying it in the first place?

Top 10 #MRX Stories: Influence of Colors on Response Rates | Social Media Stats
Exclusive By Jeffrey Henning
Of the 1,352 unique links shared on the Twitter using the #MRX hashtag last week, Jeffrey Henning comments on the 10 most retweeted, in order of the number of people retweeting them. Stay on top of what the MR community is saying on Twitter.


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Market Research NEWS | September 8 to September 21, 2011

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