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May 29, 2013

GreenBook Market Research Newsletter
Chief Editor: Leonard Murphy
22 Companies Transforming Market Research
Are We Entering The Golden Age of MR Technologies?
Audience Measurement in an Age of Chaos
Are Big Ideas Bad Ideas? An Attempt to Define NewMR
Kids These Days! How to Engage Teens in Online Qualitative
The Secret Is Revealed: Who Is @Angry_MR_Client?

22 Companies Transforming Market Research

After weeks of reviewing almost 70 submissions, the IIeX Advisory Board has chosen the companies to present their solutions to The Top 25 Unmet Needs of Insights Clients onstage at the Insight Innovation Exchange event in Philadelphia next month. Read More


Are We Entering The Golden Age of MR Technologies?

We are at the beginning of the Golden Age of Market Research Technologies, argues Adriana Rocha, exploring five recent effects of technology on the relationship between consumers and brands and their impact on MR. Read More



Schlesinger Associates

Audience Measurement in an Age of Chaos

Audience measurement has never been easy, but over the last decade the complexity of it has reached overwhelming proportions. So it's fascinating to look at the program for a conference like the Audience Measurement 8.0 and see how researchers and channel owners are reacting to this complexity. Read More


Are Big Ideas Bad Ideas? An Attempt to Define NewMR

NewMR needs to be about more than innovative methods. It needs to insist on a new relationship with the organizations it serves, enabling decision makers to develop more humility about what they do and don't know and helping them find competitive advantage in nuance, complexity and contradiction. Read More



Confirmit Community Conference

Kids These Days! How to Engage Teens in Online Qualitative

Teens can be one of the least reliable when it comes to conducting any kind of qualitative research and online qualitative is no exception. We need to understand how they communicate, where they communicate and what motivates them to communicate beyond the normal monetary incentives. Read More


The Secret Is Revealed: Who Is @Angry_MR_Client?

In September 2012 market research gained a stand-out new voice. With her provocative and all-too-accurate analysis, @Angry_MR_Client quickly gained Twitter followers and the attention of industry influencers. Now it's time to let the secret out you've all been wondering about! Read More



MRIA National Conference

#MRX Top 10: From Creative Destruction to Insight Innovation

Of the 2,032 unique shared URLs in the past two weeks, here are 10 of the most retweeted: tweetable stats, data editors, 5 things that will become obsolete in MR, 6 steps to product trials using online communities, how to market MR. Read More



MR News & Views
Top 10 #MRX on Twitter


Data Philanthropy: All For One and One For All

by Insight Innovation
Learn how the insights industry is uniting to help social good and business growth - and what you can do.
View the Recording


June 2-4, Ontario
Bridging the Gap
Join us at the 2013 MRIA National Conference with over 400 decision-makers and MR practitioners.
Learn more
June 10-11, New York
ARF Audience Measurement 8.0
Join us for the world's largest conference on media measurement.
Learn more
June 17-19, Philadelphia
Insight Innovation Exchange North America
Get up-to-speed on what's happening in the consumer insights and marketing research space.
Learn more
June 19-21, London
June 26-28, Las Vegas
Confirmit Community Conference
Inspire your thinking and generate new ideas to boost the success of your Voice of the Customer, Employee Engagement and Market Research programs.
Learn more


Answers to Contemporary Market Research Questions

A reference for a fast changing industry: key concepts, ideas, and knowledge that every researcher should have at their fingertips.
Read more


Research on Research: Mobile Versus Online Results

by qSample
How respondents completing research on Smartphones differ on their attitudinal ratings and behavioral data.
Read more


Insight Innovation Exchange

Market Research News & Views

Digital consortium creates open source metric for online video ads
Eileen Campbell to step down as Millward Brown CEO
AAPOR Recap: On trust, truth and transparency
MRA appoints first client-side researcher as chairman
Russian pollster ordered to register as a 'spy'
Reputation Institute Receives Growth Capital from New York based Catalyst Investors (PDF)
The Future Of Technology Isn't Mobile, It's Contextual
FourthWall Media MassiveData Panel To Tap Into 4.7 Million Viewers' Television Usage
MIT Profs Mull Privacy Concerns as They Parse Big Data
Making Sense Of The Internet Of Things
Research Business Daily Report Week In Review
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