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July 10, 2013

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Chief Editor: Leonard Murphy
Why Survey?
Lessons Learned At #IIeX & What Happens Now
Brand Building In A Digital-Social-Mobile Marketing Era
The View From The Client Side
5 Things That Will Become Obsolete in MR Sooner Than You Think
Using Gamification In MR As A Complementary Tool

Why Survey?

Survey research has been declared dead before, yet it is still with us. Recently Big Data, Social Media and Biometrics are viewed as a grave threat to its survival. But has its death been exaggerated once more? Are traditional survey data utilized to their fullest? Are the New Data in reality an opportunity for survey research? Read More


Lessons Learned At #IIeX & What Happens Now

Much has been written about the Insight Innovation Exchange and there's no need to rehash the kudos, summaries, and exposition. In this post Lenny gives his take on the impact of the conference - what it means for the industry and what will come next. Read More



Schlesinger Associates

Brand Building In A Digital-Social-Mobile Marketing Era

In a multi-screen world, where consumers can pull information at will and have self-directed media experiences, marketers need a new plan to create healthy, growing brands. And researchers need a new picture of what a healthy brand looks like in a digital age. Here is some advice for a digital, social, mobile age. Read More


The View From The Client Side

How do you learn about new vendors? How do they get your attention and promote their services? Ron Sellers interviews Jill Capps, Assistant Manager of Marketing Research at Gorton's, who hires vendors for quant and qual work. Read More



ESOMAR Congress 2013

5 Things That Will Become Obsolete in MR Sooner Than You Think

As technological progress occurs at an increasingly rapid rate, we're seeing creative destruction happen with alarming regularity. Greg Heist submits 5 sacred cows in market research that will become obsolete sooner than you may think. Read More


Using Gamification In MR As A Complementary Tool

The emergence of gamification is an exciting prospect for market researchers and consumer insights professionals. Evencia Leite from TrendSource discusses the possibility that a gamification approach creates richer data and covers some of the pros and cons for its use in market research. Read More


#MRX Top 10: Generational Shifts in Research

Of the 877 unique links shared by the Twitter #MRX community in the past week, here are 10 of the most retweeted. Data - the new exchange rate, research on research, rewards programs, annual Effies survey, and more. Read More



MR News & Views
Top 10 #MRX on Twitter


September 22-25, Istanbul
ESOMAR Congress 2013
Think Big invites researchers and communicators to highlight quality examples of the value of research, and to inspire the industry with their vision.
Learn more
October 16-18, San Diego
2013 QRCA Annual Conference
The premier conference for Qualitative practitioners, with unparalleled opportunities to share, learn, and grow.
Learn more
October 21-23, Nashville TN
The Market Research Event
TMRE connects the best in insights from around the world. In 2013 we focus on elevating the researcher to a strategic, consultative leader.
Learn more


The Consumer Consulting Board

by InSites Consulting
5 years of research on how structural collaboration between consumers and organisations proves to be a dramatic industry game changer.
Read more


The Future of Mobile in Research

by Gen2 Advisors
Why mobile is becoming the dominant mode of data collection for marketing research.
Read more

Market Research News & Views

GMR Marketing expands music service to include insights
IdeaScale sets sail with US Navy crowdsourcing platform
Jacob and Murphy join Face
VisualDNA kicks off beta for emotional analytics tool
US marketing research industry stays stubborn
What Kind Of Data Scientist Are You?
Authorities 'use analytics tool that recognizes sarcasm'
A Co-Working Space Likely To Put Social Enterprise On The NYC Map
Sky Deutschland to broadcast advertising directly into train passengers' heads
The World's Most Reputable Countries, According To The Reputation Institute
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