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August 7, 2013

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Chief Editor: Leonard Murphy
50 New Tools Democratizing Data Analysis & Visualization
New Market Research – Still A Ways to Go?
How to get Started Using Online Qualitative Research Methods
Interview with MetrixLab CEO Han De Groot on the RawData Acquisition
The Future of Engaging with TV: Bravo Provides the Perfect Case Study
Building Your Brand Through Failure

50 New Tools Democratizing Data Analysis & Visualization

Just as we've seen the shift to "DIY" data collection platforms, we're also seeing the development of a whole new class of self-service data exploration and visualization tools. In this post I'll introduce you to a few of my favorites and how they fit within the MR industry. Read More


New Market Research – Still A Ways to Go?

Edward's last blog post about the redundancy of New MR sparked commentary that required a second look. Are we kidding ourselves that Market Researchers are on a positive trajectory to becoming Insights Consultants? Is "New MR" more necessary than ever? Read More



ESOMAR Congress 2013

How to get Started Using Online Qualitative Research Methods

The time to adopt online qualitative methods is upon us all, and for those who have yet to do so, the time is accelerating in speed every day. Fear not! The practice already has a history and much is known on how these studies are done expertly. Read More


Interview with MetrixLab CEO Han De Groot on the RawData Acquisition

Leonard interviews MetrixLab on their acquisition of RawData, the runner-up from the Insight Innovation Competition. Han De Groot, CEO of MetrixLab, explains how they will leverage RawData technology and what the industry will look like in a few years time. Read More



QRCA Annual Conference

The Future of Engaging with TV: Bravo Provides the Perfect Case Study

Bravo TV research leads Eric Cavanaugh and Dave Kaplan gave an encore presentation at the ARF's series of "AM Plus" sessions. It was the perfect case study for advertisers and others obsessed with understanding where the TV content experience is going. Read More


Building Your Brand Through Failure

Successful bids bring work. But unsuccessful bids should still build your brand. Ron Sellers points out common ways brands overlook opportunities when dealing with failure. Read More



The Market Research Event

#MRX Top 10: NewMR, Text Analytics, Behavioral Marketing

Of the 1,956 unique links shared by the Twitter #MRX community in the past week, here are 10 of the most retweeted. Australia's unique position in MR, combining different types of data, the future of text analytics, and more. Read More



MR News & Views
Top 10 #MRX on Twitter


Researching Like It's the 1990's? Get Agile and Leap to 2013

by Gutcheck
Featuring two case studies highlighting how agile research allows insights teams to impact more decisions.
View the Recording


September 22-25, Istanbul
ESOMAR Congress 2013
Think Big invites researchers and communicators to highlight quality examples of the value of research, and to inspire the industry with their vision.
Learn more
October 16-18, San Diego
2013 QRCA Annual Conference
The premier conference for Qualitative practitioners, with unparalleled opportunities to share, learn, and grow.
Learn more
October 21-23, Nashville TN
The Market Research Event
TMRE connects the best in insights from around the world. In 2013 we focus on elevating the researcher to a strategic, consultative leader.
Learn more
October 29, New York NY
ARF Industry Leader Forum
Hear directly from heads of insights departments who will share the results of high-level discussions.
Learn more


The ASC/MRS Award for Technology Innovation and Effectiveness
Enter now to win the award for innovation in software or technology that achieves greater effectiveness in research.
Learn more


The Future of Mobile in Research

by Gen2 Advisors
Why mobile is becoming the dominant mode of data collection for marketing research.
Read more

Market Research News & Views

HootSuite secures $165m in series B funding
MRops buys Radar Global
Kantar teams up with Twitter for TV tools
Publicis and Omnicom merge
Market intelligence spend rises although US lags in decision-making says survey
GetGlue partners with Gnip to sell its second-screen entertainment data
Netflix launches new analytics and targeting tools
APT and IRI Form Alliance to Drive Cause-and-Effect Understanding Using POS Transaction Data
BMSRS Launches Inaugural Quarterly Journal
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