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August 21, 2013

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Chief Editor: Leonard Murphy
The Publicis/Omnicom Merger & The Future Of Marketing
20 Signs You're A Market Researcher
Selling Your Brain, Not Your Labor
What Game Shows Can Teach Us About Co-Creation
The Future Of "Insights CRM" Systems with Andrew Reid
Market Research Loses A True Pioneer In Bill Weylock

The Publicis/Omnicom Merger & The Future Of Marketing

Advertising giants Omnicom and Publicis rocked the industry with their announcement of a planned merger. Here are 5 emerging trends contributing to the consolidation of the advertising industry. Read More


20 Signs You're A Market Researcher

A light-hearted list of the truths that typify the incomparable professionals who make up the greatest industry in the world. Read More



ESOMAR Congress 2013

Selling Your Brain, Not Your Labor

The key to success is the ability to sell one's own brain, not labor hours. Snorri offers guidelines for accelerating your business success while shortening labor hours. Read More


What Game Shows Can Teach Us About Co-Creation

A successful customer co-creation experience starts with that initial spark. Knowing how to ignite that spark and spread that into a creative flame is an art form. Read More



QRCA Annual Conference

The Future Of "Insights CRM" Systems with Andrew Reid

An interview with Andrew Reid, President of Vision Critical, about their new mobile platform and what it signals about the direction of the insights industry. Andrew shares a long term vision of the community becoming the central hub of the insights process. Read More


Market Research Loses A True Pioneer In Bill Weylock

Industry veteran Bill Weylock has passed away after a battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis. For those who might not have had the privilege of knowing Bill, here is a bit about him and his contributions to the industry. Read More



The Market Research Event

#MRX Top 10: Taxi Driver, NUMB3RS, The Thick of It

Of the 2,033 unique links shared by the Twitter #MRX community in the past week, here are 10 of the most retweeted. The new age of algorithms, top 5 market research groups on LinkedIn, and why market researchers should learn to code. Read More


MR News & Views
Top 10 #MRX on Twitter


Thursday, Aug 29, 1pm EDT

The Multi-Channel Data Era

by Insight Innovation
Learn how organizations are interacting with consumers using a variety of data sources, tools and techniques.
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Tuesday, Sept 10, 1pm EDT

Why Feelings Matter When Optimizing Concepts

by Brainjuicer
Join Brent Snider as he discusses the flaws in traditional concept testing techniques.
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September 22-25, Istanbul
ESOMAR Congress 2013
Think Big invites researchers and communicators to highlight quality examples of the value of research, and to inspire the industry with their vision.
Learn more
October 16-18, San Diego
2013 QRCA Annual Conference
The premier conference for Qualitative practitioners, with unparalleled opportunities to share, learn, and grow.
Learn more
October 21-23, Nashville TN
The Market Research Event
TMRE connects the best in insights from around the world. In 2013 we focus on elevating the researcher to a strategic, consultative leader.
Learn more
October 29, New York NY
ARF Industry Leader Forum
Hear directly from heads of insights departments who will share the results of high-level discussions.
Learn more


The Future of Mobile in Research

by Gen2 Advisors
Why mobile is becoming the dominant mode of data collection for marketing research.
Read more

Market Research News & Views

Placed to measure how mobile ads impact on shop visits
MRA backs calls for mobile tracking opt out for shoppers
BitTorrent turns to TV with pilot programme
Harris continues Google partnership with QuickQuery Instant
Biggest market research firms top $8.8bn in revenue for 2012
ZappiStore's France and Germany expansion
Google patents 'pay-per-gaze' eye-tracking that could measure emotional response to real-world ads
SocialCrunch turns consumer curiosity into marketing insight gold
101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics
Roy Morgan Enhances 'Single Source' Media Study
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