Focus Group Recruiting

Market research firms that specialize in using specific methods to identify and qualify potential participants for a focus group study. Find a company offering focus group recruiting.

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Focus Pointe Global Launches Mobile-Friendly Respondent Website Focus Pointe Global Launches Mobile-Friendly Respondent Website

Focus Pointe Global - Philadelphia

Focus Pointe Global launches mobile-friendly respondent website. The site has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout, allowing users to access available research opportunities on the go.

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Segmentation Woes: Avoiding Vivid Descriptors and Fuzzy Segments

Steven Yarnell, Paul Anderson, and Lesley Muir of Yarnell Inc.

Learn how qualitative research can be more targeted and effective. Using segmentation analysis to create focus groups requires you to both understand the technical definitions of the segments and to develop statisical-based screening questions that select "pure types" for each segment.

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Complex Screeners - Could Less Be More? Complex Screeners - Could Less Be More?

Stephen H. Turner, President, Fieldwork, Inc.

One of the problems in highly specific recruiting is that all too often it merely verifies the assumptions people make about the nature of the problem they are researching.

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Cost, Leadtime and Sustainability of Face-to-Face and Internet Focus Groups


The traditional approach to focus groups involves recruiting participants in locations representative of the target market, hiring facilities in each location, and traveling to each location to interview the participants. The alternative Internet approach, on the other hand, uses either instant messaging or a bulletin board to interview the participants. This article will compare and contrast these two methods from a cost, leadtime and environmental sustainability standpoint.

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Stay Visible & Relevant Or Lose Loyal Customers During The Downturn

Mara Friedman, MARAFriedman Brand Strategist

This newsletter article discusses the importance of creating demand during an economic downturn to retain brand loyalty and come out strong at the back end. To do so puts a burden on knowing one’s target audience intimately, and having the right brand strategy tools to obtain this understanding.

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A Fresh Perspective on Focus Groups: Targeted Profiling

Mara Friedman, MARAFriedman Brand Strategist

This article provides a creative way for marketers to view target users that can produce more insightful findings to distinguish brands. In addition, tools for marketing planning may be generated from this method for use in the future. Read this article to learn how this is done.

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Diary of an Online Focus Group Diary of an Online Focus Group

Jennifer Dale, InsideHeads

Making online focus groups happen does not require magical talents. Skilled QRCs already have the tricks they need to conduct successful qualitative research studies online. Take a look inside the diary of one online focus group project and learn how you can apply what you already know.

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The Group Discussion or Focus Group

DJS Research Ltd

This article covers the basic fundamentals of qualitative market research. It provides the typical process of conducting market research, from creating focus groups to picking a venue and conducting interviews.

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